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Born in Torino, living in Milano, I graduated with honors in Architecture in 2011 with a double degree at Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano, working on a thesis about energy saving in Burkina Faso.

Passionate about materials and their properties, I attended a Master Degree in Materials for energy and environment which led me to work at the Green Building department of the Environment Park in Turin.

I then moved to Milano and worked for three years at Sernet Riqualificazioni, an engineering firm specialized in energy saving projects.

Wishing to specialize in the sustainability field, I then attended the SOS School of Sustainability by Mario Cucinella at MC A office in Bologna.

Beside these activities I carried on architectural projects both on my own and collaborating with other architects.

I've been working at Scandurra Studio Architettura for five years, at the beginnig as Project Leader and BIM Coordinator and then as Director of Operations and Head of BIM.

I'm currently working at Milano Contract District as Supply Chain Planning Manager of the delivery division.

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